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A short while ago Bleachlists had a post about “what if the other shinigami became visoreds FOUND HERE

Being the Shunsui fan that I am I couldn’t resist. The idea of Shunsui’s mask intrigued me to no end. So I popped open MSPaint. *it’s all I have*  and make his mask according to the list. 

10. Kyoraku

Kyoraku’s mask is pure, inky black, except for the eyes, which are outlined in red. Let’s just say you don’t want him coming out of the shadows at you.


Kyoraku:Totally not showing this to Nanao-chan!

I added a little extra because I like to think it’d be a little extra creepy. I really like how it came out. 

please excuse the crappy mspaint job like i said it’s all i have.

Shun mun here. I just wanted to share this with y’all.

Sorry again about not being here but my health has really gone down hill, they’re now checking for cancer.  

I just don’t have it in me to RP right now. 

Sorry I just can’t take it any more.



Shunsui shrugged. 


"It’s more fun to have someone to drink with than it is to drink alone."


uиo:    A slow  b l i n k, the Shinigami must have been
            out of his mind, ❝You realise I am an Arrancar?❞ 

"Sharing a cup or two of sake is much better than fighting."  Shunsui scratched at this chin. "Same goes for Human,Shinigami or Espada" He poured two full cups of sake, "Besides it beats doing anything else. I’d rather sit and drink than do anything, especially paperwork or listening to lectures.


Hi by now I bet you’re tired of hearing and seeing all the excuses for my absences. 

I’m truly sorry for that. I’m a horrible rper. I have the attention span of a hyper puppy. Plus I have some really serious illness’s going on. Maybe not as bad as some folk do here but they’re bad from my POV.

Also, a few months ago I got burned by a long time RP partner who played both our ships. I won’t go into much detail but I almost quit, rping and life. 

Most of you I don’t even interact with on any kind of basis, so I’m wondering why you stick around and still follow me.

I have over 200 some followers and maybe interact with at the most 6. 

I’m not good on long rp’s because like I said I have a very finite attention span, plus sometimes I’m just not psychologically well to interact with people. I don’t do sex or angst RP’s they’re very triggering for me I tend to stay on the fun, witty side of my muse. When I want to delve deeper I write fanfics. that’s just me, no one else included.

Please forgive me for being such a bad role player, And I won’t feel insulted if you unfollow me. I don’t blame you as a matter of fact. There’s little point to keeping me on a follow list if you’re not going to interact.

/rant mostly over.

this is probably because I’m so tired. Or I’ve just reached the “I don’t give a damn” point..

Stay or leave it’s up to you




Oh no, that doesn’t happen in my division.” She returns the smile warmly, gesturing with her hand for him to join her in having tea. It didn’t bother Retsu for people to know, it kept her from having to go into too many details of being a rather overly notorious criminal and now, the best healer in the soul society. Many would be frightened, more so than they are now.

"As long as it’s not that horrible matcha, I’ll gladly join you." Shunsui practically plopped down in a sitting position. It was common knowledge that he despised the powdered green tea. Ukitake had a rather bad habit of serving it to him when he was upset with some foolishness done by Shunsui. He let out a long tired sigh as he took off the sakkat and placed it to the side. The reed hat was good for a lot of things, but lately there had been a loose bit that kept poking his head. He just kept forgetting to clip it out. Right now it was a relief to have it off.  

"It’s good to be able to spend time with an old friend."

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